About the CarFLASHER

The CarFLASHER is an innovative car mapping/programming tool for individual users. The CarFLASHER gives you a possibility for fast and safe ECU programming, even if you have no previous experience in the car tuning. Now you can take an advantage of this unique device an modify your car as the professional would do!

What you need to do is to ...

(1)  Order your personal CarFLASHER 

The tool arrives with the USB-mini cable and the USB Key that will give you a possibility to use our software. The package includes also a description of how to use the tool and the flash memory with software to install on your laptop. 

The price includes two maps of the Stage1 version. One is a light Stage1 mod, a basic ECO modification. The second is a standard Stage1 mod. At any time, you can also buy extra Stage2 map or custom tune map, without re-sending the tool (online support)

(2)  Install application on your laptop

Installation of the software is simple and very intuitive. The procedure is done automatically with minimal user effort

(3)  Connect the CarFLASHER to the OBD connector in your car  

Connecting the CAR Flasher to the OBD will allow you to read or write your files. Programming takes about 1-5 minutes


How much does it cost?

The CarFLASHER basic package cost ca 499$. This includes: personal CarFLASHER, USB Key, USB cable, Stage1 software - ECO and normal.  In addition, you can order Stage2 software for 99$ and/or Custom tune software for 199$ (as an extra cost to the basic package).

Tune your car smart and easy!